0Friday. 13th [October 1905]—Ca’ Capello, Venice
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13 October 1905 — Ca’ Capello, Venice
Friday. 13th [October 1905]. Bee went out all morng with Mrs Ledyard. After lunch we went out in gondola. I went to see poor Frau Streicher who was comfortably lodged—but had a repellent Sra Riccaboni to look after her– It is a sad case. Mr Somers Cocks of the F.O. called. He is a charming man & musician & I was glad to see him. Mr Woods also called. Lady Helen Vincent & Malagola dinner & latter took Bee to the theater. Lady Helen & I had a chat abt society here. She (like me) avoids making the acquaintance of “B. & Bss de Meyer” & deplores the tawdry society wh is collecting here. Lady Helen looked so lovely & sweet & so frail that it went to my heart. I fancy she is not happy & certainly is not strong.

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