0Wednesday. 18th [October 1905]—Ca’ Capello, Venice
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18 October 1905 — Ca’ Capello, Venice
Wednesday. 18th [October 1905]. I was sitting writing in the library when a voice behind me said “Here I am at last.” I turned & found Baroness Anna Kuhn whose acquaintance I had made last year in Montenegro. She said she had come to meet a friend a Miss Williams who had not arrived & they were going to stay at the Casa Frollo an Italian lodging house on the Giudecca– I begged her to remain with me & had her luggage taken out of the gondola & installed her in the room Bee had left. I was going to lunch with the Curtis so I wrote & asked leave to take her with me & we went there at one & met Lord Barrymore & Miss Milman. The Baroness amused the company with her incessant chatter which is extraordinary– She is handsome & lively. After lunch I took her to the Cos: Hospital & to the Eden’s garden & we came home to 5 o’cl tea. After dinner I left her & went to the Sailor’s Institute being their concert night. There was a Capt. of a S.S. & his funny fat jolly wife who played the piano with go & force & “vamped” for the men who sang. Home at 11–

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