0Friday. 20th October [1905]—Ca’ Capello, Venice
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20 October 1905 — Ca’ Capello, Venice
Friday. 20th October [1905]. Baroness Kuhn went off before 8 & I am once more alone & quiet & able to think of my approaching journey. As I get older, I value the more the quiet of being quite alone—much as I enjoy having my friends here. I now understand what was difficult to believe then, how right my mother in law, dear “Grannie” was when she refused, even in her old age to have a companion or anyone to live with her. I went out in gondola to the Hospital to see the damage from the fire wh is very small. Came home to tea. Mr & Mrs Albert Gray came, also Mrs Ledyard & Mr Somers Cocks & a Miss Williams who has come to Venice to meet Bss Kuhn. When all had left I went off in gondola to see Mr Eden abt hospital affairs. Miss Holland still hangs back about selling us the property. Mr Somers Cocks & Trombini dined with me & at 9 Arbib came & brought his 2 daughters & a Miss Olpes a Venetian girl of 15½ who played the piano most magnificently– Matilda Arbib played the violin also very nicely—but her friend’s playing of the piano is really remarkable & she ought to make a profession of it. She still wears short skirts & had her hair down her back—is nice looking, modest & unpretending.

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