0Thursday. 9th [November 1905]—En route to India
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9 November 1905 — En route to India
Thursday. 9th [November 1905]. Today all were busy packing & preparing for tomorrow’s arrival at Bombay. The prizes were given for those who had won them at the different sports. Mrs Harrington won the 2nd prize for the fancy dress ball. The 1st was taken by the pretty little bride who personated a Pierette. She had landed with us at Aden & there bought some black knitting wool. With this she had made a lot of black rosettes with which she had adorned a simple white frock. A pointed cap was made for her by the steward out of a towel rolled up & surmounted by a black wool rosette. Lady MacLean gave away the prizes after wh there was much applause. The mail bags began to appear on the deck ready to be landed tomorrow. It is done in the incredibly short space of 35 minutes. It was said that we are to breakfast at 7 tomorrow—& that we shall be in port at 6 so everyone retired early.

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