0Sunday. 1st January [1911]—Ca’ Capello, Venice
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1 January 1911 — Ca’ Capello, Venice
Sunday. 1st January [1911]. Went to morning service at 10.30. At 12 went to Hotel Victoria to fetch Angela Reinelt & took her to Palazzo Papadopoli where we were invited to lunch. A small party—abt 10 people. I took Angela back to the Hotel abt 2 & then went home & sat quiet till after an early dinner I went off to the service at the Institute. There were not many sailors there. Got home a little after 9 & was setting quietly in the drawing room when Luigi ran in saying Regina is screaming & bleeding from the mouth. I ran up & found her with a coffee kettle of hot water screaming & crying. I found out that she had fallen in my study carrying the kettle in one hand & something in the other. She came with force with her mouth on the kettle & eventually we found had knocked out 4 teeth & made 2 holes in the copper kettle with her teeth! We telephoned for the Dr who was out so Baker walked her off to the chemist close by who (stupid man) sent then on, on foot to the Guardia medica at Rialto– Poor old Pasquale heard nothing & seeing Regina going out said “Cosa ha?” I told him to follow his wife to help her. He said “La freddo” & ran back for his coat. At last we got her to bed & she had remedies to stop the bleeding & we went to bed.

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