0Tuesday. 3rd [January 1911]—Ca’ Capello, Venice
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3 January 1911 — Ca’ Capello, Venice
Tuesday. 3rd [January 1911]. The weather was worse than ever today—there was no going out at all in gondola– Big snow flakes fell– The wind was so high that the steamers on the Grand Canal ceased to run. I walked out in the afternoon but it was any thing but pleasant. I had asked Ct & Css Bolbi Valier to dine with me & Mr Brown. He arrived on foot—the Balbis came ½ hour late having come in a steamer wh could hardly move. At the Traghetto no one would bring them across the Canal & they had to walk a long way round. At last they came safely– Css Papadopoli & her sister Gisella Hellenbach arrived also on foot in the eveng ditto Gino Franchetti—no one else would get to my reception & we made Gino play the piano to us. He plays splendidly & for a boy of his age with great feeling. His father is his master & himself a good pianist. His uncle wrote the Opera Germania—they are Jews—but Luigino’s mother being a Christian is also one. He was brought up at Eton & is now at Oxford. His mother & father are separated & it is sad & touching to see how he feels this as he is devoted to his parents & thinks his mother quite lovely. It is incompatibility wh keeps them apart– The father is rather queer. The sad part is that it was a love match!

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