0Monday. 9th [January 1911]—Rome
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9 January 1911 — Rome
Monday. 9th [January 1911]. Mar & Mara Cassis came to see me & arranged to take me out driving with them tomorrow. I went after luncheon with the Queen to the Villa Malta to see about Da Laura who was not there & I saw the Bülows. The Prince was in very good humour & talked a great deal of Bismarck. He spoke of the naivety of his (B’s) wife & how she would sometimes interrupt his conversation with some trivial remark which he always took very seriously. One day she suddenly said “but after all you are very handsome” to wh he quietly remarked that it was well known that she had married one of the most splendid looking men of the country. Another time she said to him “this is not such a fine party, you need not have worn your shiny shoes after all.” He merely stopped talking to the other person to say to his wife you are right my dear! the old shoes would have been quite good eno’ for this evening. From the Bülows I went on foot to the Anglo American nursing home to see Ola & she returned with me to the Palace.

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