0Monday. 3rd [April 1911]—Ca’ Capello, Venice
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3 April 1911 — Ca’ Capello, Venice
Monday. 3rd [April 1911]. Today Mrs Curtis came to lunch bringing with her her guests Old Lady Mayo, Miss White Jervis & Mr Latimer. Hugh & Mrs Whitaker came to meet them. Lady Mayo is a wonderful old lady of about 85—still takes long journeys—& is leaving tomorrow for home only stopping one night en route. I asked her if she was going to be present at the coronation & she said “no”—but she would have liked to be present at the Durbar coronation next winter & I told her she ought to go having once been vice reina of India. She was quite fired with the idea—& I believe if encouraged would actually go– Went out in afternoon with Eda & had tea with Baroness de Pury whose husband a Swiss & has made painting a profession has been very ill & is by no means recovered. He may have to undergo an operation & I told her that if she wanted it to be at the Cos. here I would arrange for her that she might go & live there herself—a thing that is against the rules. I went on foot from the De Purys—(S. Barnabà) to the Edens to talk to him about the advisability of raising our matrons salary & we agreed that the Committee should give her £20 more for her past year & that I should send her a cheque. I came home & wrote her a letter from the Committee enclosing a cheque & gave it to her this evening when she came to dine with me– Eda went to dine with the Whitakers, so we 2 were alone. Miss Chaffey had threatened to retire, but we hope to induce her to remain as she is invaluable.

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