0Wednesday. 5th [April 1911]—Ca’ Capello, Venice
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5 April 1911 — Ca’ Capello, Venice
Wednesday. 5th [April 1911]. Still blowing & raining & bitterly cold. H.M.S. Cumberland “Special service” came in this morning. I invited the officers & cadets to a party Friday eveng but it appears the latter are not allowed out in evening. I invited Philip Skinner (Lady Kathleen’s son) to stay also not allowed– The post brought me a letter from Ct Lonyay saying he & Pss Stephanie are coming tomorrow to Venice to the hotel so I telegraphed to ask them to stay with me– Late this evening came their answer that they had engaged their rooms & must go to the Grand Hotel. There was a little sunshine today—but a tremendous wind– Went out with Eda in gondola after lunch—to see Avv: Franco & consult as to whether he could buy for us the cottage next the Cos: Hospital—then to see Angela & sat some time. She was telling me how today she is to decide whether she is to conclude a big financial affair at Trieste. She is very rich & money comes to such people—but she is very generous & uses her money well. I was so caught by the cold that I went to bed at 6 & Eda came & sat by me.

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