0Friday. 7th [April 1911]—Ca’ Capello, Venice
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7 April 1911 — Ca’ Capello, Venice
Friday. 7th [April 1911]. We went to see the widowed Duchess della Grazia in her fine Vendramin Palace which now passes to her son Prince Campofranco. It had belonged to the Dss de Berra who left it [illegible word] bailliage to the Order of Malta for the use of any of her descendants who belonged to the order. It is sad to find the Duchess alone in that vast house she is a dear kind woman & one feels for her. Went to see Angela also. Count Lonyay & Princess Stephanie came to lunch– She tells me that she cannot get the money left by her father the King of the Belgians as the Belgium Govt have seized it & say it was money stolen by the King! His mistress Bss Vaughan was more weary & had made the King give her large sums in his life time & so is rich. I had a party for the officers of the Cumberland. Captain Boyle came to dinner also Mrs Whitaker, Hugh W. & his two young friends Messrs Woodman & Trefusis & Mr Stainer who arrived yesterday from spending the winter in Egypt. About 60 people English & Italian came all hoping to see our English cadets who are however not allowed off the ship after 7 p.m.

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