0Saturday. 8th [April 1911]—Ca’ Capello, Venice
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8 April 1911 — Ca’ Capello, Venice
Saturday. 8th [April 1911]. Montalba came to do hospital accounts in the morn. Count Lonyay & Princess Stephanie came to lunch. I sat in the Belvedere afterwards with the Count while he smoked. He talked about the Kaiser & said he heard that he had said he would not go & stay at Oroszvar as Princess Stephanie was now only a private person—but that the truth was that they had never invited the Kaiser to Oroszvar. I asked him about the marriage of Pss Clementine. He said that she was quite like a child & he feared she will discover in time what kind of man she had married. Three weeks after their marriage they were in Vienna when Prince Napoleon had a mistress in the hotel close by & that that lady had travelled in the same train de luxe when the newly married pair left Vienna! He said that the new King of the Belgians is wanting in brains & that the Css de Flanders is very ambitious & trying to rule all round her—& that there is also a scandal preparing there. When the Lonyays had left I went off in gondola to see Angela & arrange she should come & lunch tomorrow—then home & at 4.30 Css Papadopoli called for Eda & me in her motor boat & took us to the Riva Schiavoni to pick up the Hultons, Mr Montalba & Miss Chaffey & we all went to have tea with Capt. Boyle on the “Cumberland.” It was a bitterly cold & very windy. The ship is large & beautifully kept & we went over the cadets’ quarters. On leaving there Eda & I walked home after Css Papadopoli had deposited us on the Riva. It was nearly 7 when we got in & we had to dress quickly & go off in gondola to the Grand Hotel to dine with the Lonyays in their private sitting room & came back at 9.30 & at once to bed.

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