0Sunday. 9th April [1911]—Ca’ Capello, Venice
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9 April 1911 — Ca’ Capello, Venice
Sunday. 9th April [1911]. Went to morning service with Eda this morning. The chaplain of the “Cumberland” did the service read well & preached good sense & Philip Skinner one of the cadets met us at the church door & afterwards came back here on foot with Eda– I hastened home in gondola– Angela Reinelt arrived soon after 12.30 for lunch to meet Princess Stephanie & Count Lonyay who came at 1. Angela was fussed because 2 Venetian ladies lent her their motor boats & was inclined to be cross with me, but she had made a muddle. However it passed off & we had a pleasant lunch just us 6—the Princess, Lonyay, Angela, Philip S., Eda & I. The conversation was mixed Italian—French—English. The food was decent. Angela had sent over an excellent pheasant & my maid Baker had made a bread & butter pudding wh the Princess had asked for. Scampi are also in season & we had a dish of them. Angela asked me to try & get her invited to lunch tomorrow by the Princess. I gave more than a hint, but to no avail. The day was lovely & the sun quite warm. The party broke up at 2.30 & then I rested for ½ hour & at 4 was up & ready to receive the 35 cadets from the Cumberland who came to tea. Philip S. was a great help to me on the occasion– A few English ladies came & the Princess returned with the Count Lonyay. Captain Boyle also came & we had a cheerful party—the cadets did justice to the food wh Giuseppe my Italian butler had prepared. Eda was most active & useful & the boys all appreciated her immensely. The party broke up early as the cadets had to get back to the Cumberland soon after 6. I was pretty well tired & came straight off to bed—& dined there while Eda went to dine with the Whitakers & I am having a quiet rest.

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