0Saturday. 15th [April 1911]—Ca’ Capello, Venice
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15 April 1911 — Ca’ Capello, Venice
Saturday. 15th [April 1911]. Easter Eve. I went to morning service at 10.30 & thence to the Giudecca to the hospital & Eden garden where I found Mr Eden sitting out in the sun & Lady Victoria Manners sitting out painting. After lunch young Carlo Franchetti called—still a boy at Eton where he seems very bored being quite unlike an English boy of the same age & very old of his age—what we should call a prig, but full of talent like all his family & English school life is not what suits him. Mrs Eden came with a girl who is staying with her who is very poor & studying for an artist Miss               . I gave her a lot of drawing materials Mrs Eram had given me to give away to poor artists. Sir Hubert Medlycott came also to bid me good bye. He was a clergyman & is now an artist & has been painting at Venice some 3 weeks. At 3.30 Eda & I went out in open gondola—lovely sunshine but cutting cold wind. To see Angela Reinelt, then to Hospital to see matron of question of sending out our nurses to Italian houses– The Italians never want to pay tariff. Decided rather to let one now go gratis—but to maintain tariff. Home to tea. Mr Acland came whom we had last met at Khartoum—also Contessa Valmarana– Dined at 7.30 & went straight to bed having neuralgia in my head. Eda went out to Whitakers to meet Dr Lord the organist of Eton.

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