0Sunday. 23rd [April 1911]—Ca’ Capello, Venice
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23 April 1911 — Ca’ Capello, Venice
Sunday. 23rd [April 1911]. To morning service & afterwards to see Angela whom I found better. Joined Eda on the Piazza & were on our way to walk home when at San Moisè we met Baroness Mayneir who brought us back in her gondola of which we were thankful as it was hot walking the weather having become glorious. After lunch had a visit from B. & Bss Bonde—she was a Miss Anstetter & is a niece of Lady Ross. They are on their honeymoon. She is pretty woman. Went out at 4 to the Eden’s garden & thence to the Humphrey Johnsons at the Madonna dell’Orto where was a large assembly at tea. These rooms are large & fine—but I found them full of people, smoking & was glad to get out into the garden which is charming & quite old Italian.

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