0Tuesday. 25th [April 1911]—Ca’ Capello, Venice
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25 April 1911 — Ca’ Capello, Venice
Tuesday. 25th [April 1911]. St Mark’s Day. Today is the great fête of Venice & there was a great function which had something of the times of old Venice in it. The ladies of Venice had subscribed to have a large silk battle banner made to present to the battle ship San Marco which now lies in the bacino & today it was blessed in the church & afterward conveyed on the ship & there hoisted. It was a splendid day & very hot more like July than April. I went off at 2 in gondola to fetch Contessa Giustina Valmarana, her daughter & son & we went to the church of St Marks entering by the door of the Riva Canonica. We were taken to a chapel on the right of the Altar reserved especially for the ladies invited to the ceremony. I got a place in the front where I had a good view of the               . While waiting for it to begin everybody talked loudly as at a party. The D. of the Abruzzi & the ladies of the Committee stood in front of the altar where the flag was placed in its elaborate box ready for its benediction– When the organist began to play a voluntary & the clergy headed by the Cardinal Patriarch appeared the conversation ceased & the ceremony began– The service was a short one—a few prayers—sprinkling of the flag with holy water—a short address by the Patriarch & it was over. We hastened out of the door we came in by & got on board a steamer provided to convey those invited on board the San Marco to see the rest of the ceremony. This consisted of a few speeches. One by the Sindaco all about the former glories of Venice, one by Countess Brandolin, the Admiral & the Captain of the ship who gave the word of command to hoist the flag. This was done amongst cheers, salutes & the playing of the Royal March & the ceremony was ended. Refreshments were then offered of which the elite partook in the Captain’s cabin. Then I had a talk with the Duke of the Abruzzi & then I left the ship about 5 & went to see Angela Reinelt & tell her all about the fête. In the evening I had a large gathering of friends Italian & English—my last “Tuesday” of the season.

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