0Friday. 5th [May 1911]—3 Savile Row
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5 May 1911 — 3 Savile Row
Friday. 5th [May 1911]. Nellie & Charlie Wyld came to see me in the morning. I had a note from Lord Kitchener saying that he will come & dine on Tuesday next & I am asking those who were of our party at Venice to assemble to meet him. I walked up to New Cavendish Street to lunch with the Oranmores who were at Cav. Sqr last evening & begged me to go & meet an S. African millionaire Sir Abe Bailley. It was not very interesting tho’ I sat next Sir Abe I found it difficult to get him to talk. Once the conversation fell on the signs of the times & he said he thought things were changing rapidly & that money wd be taken from the rich & given to the poor & divided up & then would be accumulated again in the hands of the few & so a see saw action set in. He talks of giving a big concert & a ball at the Ritz Hotel which is now the thing to do. On leaving here I walked to Cavendish Square & went out driving with Blanche & brought her home to 5 o’cl tea with me. Lady Vivian & her daughter Lady Worsley came—the first time I had seen her since her marriage. She is a dear little thing.

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