0Friday. 26th [May 1911]—3 Savile Row
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26 May 1911 — 3 Savile Row
Friday. 26th [May 1911]. Took a light bath after lunch & then went to see the Dss of Somerset who was laid up in bed. This evening I went to a party given by Mr Castle at 4 Tilney Street to see the Russian dancers Pavlovna & Mordkin who are the great fashion now & dance at the Palace music hall. I was glad of an opportunity of seeing them in a private house as I hate going to a music hall—but it was weary work dressing after dinner & going off at 11 instead of getting into bed. There were heaps of smart people at the party but one had to take one’s seat in the temporary theatre wh had been erected in the garden of the house—& one could not move abt to speak to friends of which I saw few. We had a long time to wait before the dancers came as they had to come in from the Palace performance. Pavlovna is certainly wonderfully graceful & lissome & tho not strictly pretty looks well—with her jet black hair & dark eyes. I always dislike to see a man capering but must confess that Mordkin could not be surpassed in agility– I did not get home to bed till past 1–

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