0Saturday. 27th [May 1911]—3 Savile Row
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27 May 1911 — 3 Savile Row
Saturday. 27th [May 1911]. Nela & I drove out in the afternoon down to 70 Addison Road to call on Sir Edward Poynter whom we happily found at home & very well. He took us into his studio & showed us a recent work & then into his garden which is very large & nice & where one would forget one was in the middle of an immense town– We sat there chatting with him for some time & hearing that he is starting on Tuesday next for the Lake of Como to paint a picture there. On leaving him we drove home– Nela dropped me at Savile Row & went on to do another commission. I had hardly got upstairs when Lord Kitchener was announced—& he paid me a long visit. Nela soon returned & made tea for us & no one else came to spoil the trio. After tea I sent for the key to open the cabinet given me by the Sultan wh contained the jewelled cups he gave me when I left Constantinople. Lord K. after examining them said they were so crusted with dust that he could not see them well & said we ought to wash them at once. So I drew a can of hot water in my dressing room & we went into the back drawing room which I use as a bed room & there he proceeded to wash the cups with soap & scrubs amonia till he had got them quite clean. He then proceeded to wash an oriental & 2 Rhodes plates from the same cabinet & then dried & gave them as extra rub up to polish the glaze. This done he arranged them in the top shelf of the cabinet & fastened pins under the plates to prevent their moving & the result was very satisfactory & the little party broke up. I went off to see the Dss of Somerset who was better & about to get out of bed. I gave her a message from Lord K. that he wants to see her tomorrow to ask for the address of a man to copy some portraits by Sir Joshua for his house Broome Park so she told me to come tomorrow to meet Lord K. at tea & talk it over which I gladly consented to do.

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