0Saturday. 17th [June 1911]—3 Savile Row
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17 June 1911 — 3 Savile Row
Saturday. 17th [June 1911]. I drove down in the electric brougham to Springfield thinking to spend Sunday with the Bessboros’– Got there just at lunch time (1.30) having left here soon after 11 a.m. I went first to see Mrs Curtis at Hall’s Hotel Cork St. She had arrived yesterday from Venice to see the Coronation fêtes. London is a curious sight just now—crowds of vehicules & people walking—one can see by the look of them they are country folk. The streets everywhere full of carpenters & work men putting up stands, decorations & illuminations. When I got to Springfield I found Blanche had not recd my card to say I was coming & the house was full—so I decided to go to stay at Milton Court where Mrs Rate had invited me. I walked over there by the fields later. The Bessboros’ motored over. Mrs Rate gave me a cordial reception. I found her son’s wife staying there with 3 girls– Later Mrs Erskine (Enid) came & her girl is also here. A sudden gale got up in the night & torrents of rain.

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