0Sunday. 9th [July 1911]—3 Savile Row
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9 July 1911 — 3 Savile Row
Sunday. 9th [July 1911]. Eda & I went to the 8.30 service at the Chapel of Marlboro’ House and returned home afterwards– Then I set out again & returned there by 9.45 for the morning service wh was notified on the door—but all was shut & I was about to return home when a lady came up to me & asked (with an American accent) if I could tell her why the chapel doors were not open. As I could not tell her she decided to ring the bell of the Subdean’s house & enquire—so I remained to hear the result & we learnt that as Q. Alexandra was at home the service had been arranged for her benefit at 11– The lady said “I am a British subject, born in Canada & married to an American of New York. I came to England to see the country & the coronation festivities & before returning home I am trying to see all I can.” She then said she would like to see the mounting of the Guards in front of St James’ Palace & would go into the chapel afterwards. In the meantime, she asked where could she sit down. I said that the only place was St James’ Park & I led her there & sat with her close to the Suspension Bridge & there we sat chatting. I called her attention to Westr clock when it struck the quarters & she talked about English & American society & we agreed on regretting the facility for divorce in the latter country. She said she was curious to see the reigning Dss of Marlboro house in Curzon Street & lamented the discord in that family. Seeing that the lady knew something of society in America I mentioned the name of Miss Grigsby & asked if she knew about her– She at once said that everyone knew she had been the mistress of a Mr Jarkis & he had left her his enormous fortune. On my saying that I knew Miss G. she recommended me to see as little of her as I could! This is a curious corroboration of the stories I had heard when Miss G. was in Venice—but as she is such a friend of Mlle Dussau, I can hardly believe them even now. As it got near 10.30 we strolled back to St James’ Place & stood together to see the Guards—then my new acquaintance got into the crowd to get a nearer view & I lost sight of her & went into the chapel to wait for the service. Q. Alexandra & Pss Victoria attended it—& Princesses Christian & her daughter attended by Nela—who did not see me– There was no sermon so I got home early & amused the Wylds with recounting my morning’s adventures.

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