0Monday. 10th [July 1911]—3 Savile Row
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10 July 1911 — 3 Savile Row
Monday. 10th [July 1911]. I had arranged to go with Mrs Loeffler to a party at Devonshire House in aid of the Bernardo homes & was sitting waiting for her abt 3.30 when the telephone bell rang & on going to it I was given a message from Miss Knollys to beg I would come at once to Marlborough House. In a few moments I had put on my bonnet jumped into a taxicab & was at the Queen’s house. I asked for Miss Knollys & was shown up to her room—after about 3 minutes I was taken to another waiting room near the principal stairs—& very soon was conducted up to Queen Alexandra’a sitting room. She received me cordially as also did her sister the Empress of Russia who is staying with her—they both kissed me & said they were very pleased to see me– They were standing playing with their little dogs & the Empress soon left us—the Queen telling her she would rejoin her in a few minutes. The Q. made me sit beside her on a causeuse & I began by saying I had wished so to see Her Majesty as I had never seen her since the day I put her into the train at Venice when she made that last sad journey to see the last of K. Edward– Yes, she said, how lucky I left Venice when I had, had I delayed another 12 hours I should not have seen him alive– She said she was so thankful the King George was doing so well & only feared he was working too hard—& going beyond the strength of any human. I said I was not surprised at his success as he had been so well brought up– The Queen said she felt she never could do anything in public again– I told her everyone hoped to see her come out in time as everyone was fond of her– She said did I really think she wd be able to face it. I said I knew from experience that time wd help her. That she might see from Q. Margherita of Italy how this could be done—& she answered “Oh yes but then Q. Margherita is so clever.” The Queen said she was trying to interest herself in arranging her house—that she had loved the house & was very sorry to leave it after the many years she had lived in it—but after that she had grown used to Buckingham Palace & had been sorry to leave it. I said that Marlboro’ Hse was much nicer & more homelike & that I was sure she would be happier there. She then rose & offered to show me the hall from a gallery which runs round one side of it. She pointed out some furniture she had acquired at Venice & then said “I hope you won’t think me rude but I have to go out” & kissed me & dismissed me. Not knowing the house I looked to see wh way to go as there was no servant in sight– H.M. pointed down a passage & said “that is your best way out”– I went & after wandering about a little while I found myself at the entrance door where the Queen’s motor was waiting. Then I asked a footman where the Empress’ book was kept that I might write my name– He directed me to the lodge at the Pall Mall Gate & I walked there & sat & waited for Eda to come in the carriage to picked me up in about ten minutes. We drove to Devonshire House where there was a garden party in aid of Dr Bernardo’s Homes for destitute children & at wh the D. & Dss of Somerset took a leading part. When I got home I found Miss Knollys’ letter telling me to go to the Queen that afternoon at 4! It had been delivered too late. Hence the confusion. I went to dine with Lord & Lady Northcote. Old Mr Pierpont Morgan the American millionaire took me into dinner. Princess Henry of Battenberg was of this dinner wh was not so amusing to me as the last [time] I dined at in the house. The Princess was stiff & dull when I tried to [be] agreeable to her so I gave it up, or was it I who was stupid?

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