0Wednesday. 12th [July 1911]—3 Savile Row
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12 July 1911 — 3 Savile Row
Wednesday. 12th [July 1911]. I dined with the John Murray’s in Albemarle Street—one of their usual pleasant dinners. Mr R. White took me to dinner—a man whom I heard had a fine house in Queen’s Gate & a fine collection of pictures. After dinner had an interesting talk with a Lady Middleton. Today Henry Guest my nephew was married to a Miss Lyttleton. I went only to the reception given after the ceremony at a house in Stanhope Gate lent by someone. I saw there some of both families but there was little time to talk. Met again after many years Sir Sydney Colvin and who was a friend of yore—& we met almost as strangers & merely greeted each other! How things alter—thro’ no one’s fault. As I was leaving the house I was warmly saluted by a man I did not at first recognise who who I found to be Tom Meaby, son of the miller at Canford on the river close to the house. He has worked his way up & is now Estate Agent at Canford & there he was at this wedding with his wife, once a housekeeper at the house, & his daughter. His father a fine big man had lived in a cottage in the village & had died of consumption as also the mother, sister & brother. Luckily the infected house was afterwards pulled down & Tom escaped the malady.

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