0Tuesday. 24th [October 1911]—Ca’ Capello, Venice
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24 October 1911 — Ca’ Capello, Venice
Tuesday. 24th [October 1911]. Lady Egerton took Da Laura out to antiquity shops in the afternoon. I remained at home & had a visit from Sr Arbib & he remained some time talking. I told him that a Sr Griffin had called on me but I would not receive him as he had behaved so badly to us in the affair of the Venice Murano Co. Arbib said he thought I wd have done better to follow his plan of doing good in return for evil & that he thought the best revenge was good for evil. I told him he was right & I was not as good a Christian as he (a Jew). He gave me the receipts for the moneys I had handed him from Lord Kitchener for the copy of the portrait of Doge Morosini on horseback &c &c. After tea I went out for a run with Eda to the Piazza & back for a little air. This morning Mr Montalba called having just returned from villeggiatura. Today had an explanation with old Regina who with her husband Pasquale has been in our employ for 30 years. Her son who is a priest wants them to keep a house for him & they think they ought to go to him. It is a dreadful upset for me they are such safe guardians for all the nice things I have in the house. The great question now to solve is what pension I shall give them. I consulted with Da Laura but we have not arrived at a satisfactory conclusion. I offer too little & they ask too much. There is also the question how to replace them. I said they must leave on 1st Decr that I may see about replacing them while I am still in Venice. I then consulted with Giuseppe who asked to be allowed to take their place that he may marry & remain here– It is all a great problem but I suppose it will work out right some day. I spoke to Baker who said she thought Regina did not really wish to go so I am completely puzzled as Regina has twice said she must leave & told Da Laura’s maid the same. There are some unpleasant moments in life but it is of no use to worry. I received in the evening & a good many English came. We sent off Da Laura to bed at tea so as not to tire her.

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