0Sunday. 29th [October 1911]—Ca’ Capello, Venice
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29 October 1911 — Ca’ Capello, Venice
Sunday. 29th [October 1911]. We all went to morning service & I returned to sit with Da Laura in my studio directly after till lunch. Olga & I took Da Laura out in gondola after lunch—a large giro round by the Fondamenta Nuove, S. Michele outside the Arsenal & back between S. Elena & the Giardino home. It was a perfect day. The sun quite warm, the sky clear, the colouring opalesque—a little mist on the distant land. Da Laura was in ecstasies. We got home soon after 5 just after sunset. Mr Horatio Brown came to tea, also Vera Wolkoff & Clara & Hilda Montalba. I & Baker went to the service at the sailor’s Institute & I got home at 9 just after the others had dined. The early part of this week I was constantly with Donna Laura—taking her out of an afternoon to antiquity shops, Piazza, hospital, Eden’s garden—& towards the end sitting in with her as she was disinclined to move– We sat in my studio & did bead chain work which amused her very much.

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