0Monday. 27th [November 1911]—Ca’ Capello, Venice
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27 November 1911 — Ca’ Capello, Venice
Monday. 27th [November 1911]. Breakfasted at 8.30 & at 9.15 started in gondola with Sigr Arbib who joined me here for Palazzo Vendramin Katergi to attend the funeral of Mr Richard Davey. A good many of the English & American colony were there assembled. The funeral was simple & what here is called 2nd class– Lady Ravensworth supported her sister Mrs Davey & I followed next—& we walked from the house to the church of San Marcuola where the mass was performed. The priest was a clean rather decent looking man but the service seems to me to lack any sort of comfort & help. After it was over we proceeded again to the Campo of the church of San Marcuola where the gondolas were waiting & the coffin was noisely bumped into the funeral boat & those who were going to the cemetery embarked. I lent my gondola to Mr Montalba & he went there & I walked home. Mrs Davey had been calm & collected & shed no tears & followed the service in a prayerbook. To me it was marvellous. She even introduced me to her sister as we started for the funeral. I found Miss Hallé at work at enamels in my studio & worked with her till luncheon. Alice Lady Chitwood came to lunch bringing Betty Eliot & a young woman—a niece whose name I did not master. Mr Montalba came in directly after lunch & I gave him the £200 kind Mrs Burns has sent me for buying the property next the Hospital. Then after 3 I went out in gondola & looked in to see Mr & Mrs Eden. Eda read aloud to us before dinner. I had a long letter from Queen Margherita.

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